The Pre-Kindergarten Program at Little Zion allows children to experience a setting more similar to what they will encounter in Kindergarten. During circle time, the children will learn daily literacy, math, science, and social studies concepts through songs, games, and movement.  Skills and concepts are expanded further during individualized learning time where teachers help meet and expand on the objectives of the day.  The children create craft projects related to weekly themes and are given ample time to use their imagination through art and play.  Social and emotional development is strengthened during peer play time in our exciting learning and play centers. Children have the opportunity to partake in a cooking class that meets twice a month.  Here mathematics concepts are expanded further when children learn about measurement and following a recipe. Whether it is pizza or pumpkin pie, soup or fire truck shaped cookies; our students always love to eat their masterpieces!!

Social and Emotional Development

Social and emotional growth is fostered by our curriculum and play areas.  Circle activities, games, and our “Star of the Week” strengthens a child’s sense of self and confidence.  Skill center rotation encourages responsibility and independence.  Our focused play centers promote discussion and close play among children in order to develop social skills and peer relationships.

Some of the things we will enrich

  •  Listen and follow directions
  •  Have close relationships with caregivers and peers
  •  Care about friends and show interest in others
  •  Recognize, label, and manage their own emotions
  •  Understand others’ emotions and show empathy
  •  Express wishes and preferences clearly
  •  Gain access to ongoing play and group activities
  •  Are able to play, negotiate, and compromise with others

Fine and Gross Motor Development

We focus on the kinesthetic development of children as well.  Students have the opportunity to use play dough and puzzles to strengthen the fine motor skills necessary for success in writing and cutting.  Additionally, the use of a balance beam, tunnels, and jump ropes strengthen gross motor development.  We also use Yoga to stretch and strengthen the body, but also teach it as method used to relax and calm an active body.

Some of the things we will enrich

  • Start to use one hand consistently for fine motor tasks
  • Cut along a straight line with scissors
  • Start to cut along a curved line, like a circle
  • Draw a cross by herself (+)
  • Copy a square
  • Begin to draw diagonal lines, like in a triangle
  • Start to color inside the lines of a picture
  • Start to draw pictures that are recognizable
  • Build things with smaller linking blocks, such as Duplo or Lego
  • Put on his own clothing, but may still need help with fasteners like buttons/zippers
  • Start to spread butter or cut soft foods with a small table knife (with supervision)
  • Start to learn to print some capital letters

Kindergarten Preparation

We structure our Pre-K program to familiarize our students with what they will experience in Kindergarten.  Every day begins with circle time. Children will participate in the Pledge of Allegiance and calendar games.  Children also learn songs to remember the days of the week and the months of the year.  This time is meant to practice the discipline necessary to sit for stories and take turns for circle games. Children are exposed to different skills daily.  They rotate through centers during instructional time.  As in Kindergarten, students are responsible for some independent activities, while others are teacher guided.  There are even some times where our students are given small homework assignments!  Our students are exposed to word walls and sight words.  Social skills are modeled during Jesus time and practiced during independent play time.  Students have the opportunity to stay for lunch and eat with their peers as Kindergarten students do. Depending on which program you choose for your child, our classes can help build their stamina for the full Kindergarten day. Little Zion is a great place to prepare for Kindergarten!

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