Puddle Ducks

Physical Science

The area of physical science includes magnets, mass, motion, light and dark as well as much more.   Students explore physics and construction by building their own houses from different building materials to test which house would be the most sturdy.  Measurement is taught with standard and non-standard units of measure.  In our Principles of Matter Unit, children are taught why objects sink and float in water and how to compare the weights of objects using a balance scale.

Life Science

Our Life Science units are some of the most creative and interactive!  Students love exploring their senses by experiencing what makes us taste, smell, see, feel and hear.  They are fascinated by our Dinosaurs Unit where they create actual fossils and become paleontologists in our sand box! They learn about dinosaur eggs and nests using paper mache.  Additionally, we study which animals live in different parts of our Earth based on their needs through music, dance, and interactive games. During our Plants Unit, children see the types of chlorophyll extruded from a leaf.  They are amazed when they plant and witness the growth of flowers and plants in our community garden.

Earth Science

During our Earth Science Units, students explore rocks and minerals, the changing Earth, and our Solar System. We make our own crystals and classify different rocks and minerals based on size, color, texture and other characteristics.  We study the topography of the Earth and in the process make a volcano erupt!  Weather and how it changes during different times of the year and in different parts of the Earth are also presented.  Students learn about the rainforest and experience it’s humidity inside a humidified tent.  They also create a rain cloud in a jar where they can watch the rain come down!!

Class Schedule

If your child attends our school in the morning you are welcome to add Puddle Duck classes.  You can do this one a weekly bases as long as space permits or you can sign up for the class for the school year.