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Welcome to Little Zion


The Preschool program is constructed to introduce a school setting that is stimulating and educational, yet age appropriate and fun to help your child build self confidence and participate in a social setting. Your child will sing songs, read books, explore art materials while building letter recognition and more.


Kindergarten Preparation in the Pre-Kindergarten program is for four and five year old children returning to a school setting as well as children new to the environment. Preparing for Kindergarten covers not only the academic learning but also builds self-confidence, the ability to work in a group, and independence skills.


With a wide range of activities including arts and crafts, imaginative play and physical activities, our staff will engage with your children.

Puddle Ducks

Welcome to Puddle Ducks, the science class at Little Zion Preschool.  Our students are immersed in the scientific method from the moment they enter into Puddle Ducks.  They learn how to make predictions, carry out an experiment, record information, and review their findings.   With every concept studied, new vocabulary words are learned and added to our Puddle Ducks Word Wall. Motion and Forces for example, has been introduced by testing the “magnetism” of different objects and the strength of known magnets.  We expand upon the basic principles of STEAM by allowing the children to embrace their creativity to paint with magnets.

Why Little Zion Preschool

Little Zion Preschool is a great place to get a head start. Preschool provides a foundation for learning both socially and academically. Preschool is structured and organized with a schedule.

With the inclusion of Christ into your child’s experience, they are able to connect with others in this setting.  Preschool is about having fun and acquiring social skills. Little Zion can provide this and more.

Why Little Zion Pre K

Little Zion Pre-K program is a great to start to get your child ready for elementary school. Here they will grow both social and emotionally among other 4 and 5 year old’s. We will advance their fine and gross motor development needed for kindergarten. We will also include the prep work for when they attend kindergarten the following year. Things such as the Pledge of Allegiance, circle time, calendar and games will give them a sense of what’s to come in kindergarten. Children will learn about the days of the week, rotate through academic centers, and learn difference skills each day.

Little Zion can help your growing child gain academic experience in a fun and safe environment.

Classroom Facilities

Little Zion has two classrooms that house our Preschool and Pre K students.  In the Pre K room, kids have individual cubbies where they hang their book bags, coats and lunch.  We encourage them to bring in photos of their families to make them feel at home with pictures of their loved ones.

Tour the Classrooom

Children will learn daily literacy, math, science, and social studies concepts through songs, games, and movement. The children create craft projects related to weekly themes and are given ample time to use their imagination through art and play.

Social and emotional development is strengthened during peer play time in our exciting learning and play centers. Children have the opportunity to partake in a cooking class that meets twice a month.   Here mathematics concepts are expanded further when children learn about measurement and following a recipe.

Children at this age love to interact with new people. Preschool friendships give children the chance to develop empathy outside their family. Empathy is the ability to put ourselves in another person’s place and experience what someone else is feeling.  It also allows them to establish a sense of self. One of the essential developments in a toddler’s brain is a separation between the child’s self and the other people they encounter. This is often represented in an assertion of their own desires (aka the discovery of the word “no”). As your toddler becomes a preschooler, the distinction between their own person and others grows and becomes more nuanced. They discover their own interests, talents, and challenges.

Voted OUTSTANDING by our local education authority

What Our Parents Say

Your Children

Educator Excellence

The Little Zion teachers are passionate about your child’s happiness and education and provide a safe, nurturing environment that cultivates self-esteem. Our teachers are dedicated to developing your child’s learning potential and are sensitive to your child’s individual needs.


We have a love of teaching and our school that surpasses most places


Ours school is a place teachers and children never want to leave


All of our teachers hold degrees and years of teaching experience

Loving Care

Building a child’s confidence through caring encouragement is how we teach

Your child’s safety is our top priority. Our doors are locked once drop off has completed. Only authorized individuals set by you are allowed to pick up your child.

What is better than being greeted in the morning by a smile? Whether that is from a parent, a neighbor and your teacher. Being happy sets the tone for the day. A smile goes a long way.

We strive on providing great academic instruction with a Christian foundation to all children who attend Little Zion.

Your children’s education and wellfare are our main priorities